Thursday, February 24, 2005

Fraggle Follow-up.

Yesterday I reported on the Fraggle UNO game and other upcoming Fraggle products from Sababa Toys. Since yesterday some more information has surfaced, so I though I would share it with you while it is still fresh. Aside from Fraggle Rock UNO, and the Mokey and Traveling Uncle Matt plush dolls I mentioned some smaller doll two-packs with bonus DVDs. I have gotten a bunch of e-mails and questions about what these are; so here are the details (as we know them now).

These dolls (which are similar in size to a beanie-baby) are about half the size of original Sababa plushes. They come in a pack of two characters and a bonus dvd (the DVD contains just one episode of the show on it, and nothing more - no bonus features, no fancy packaging, probally not even a menu - just one episode).

The first one is a Gobo and Wembley dolls with a bouns DVD of the episode "The Beast of Blue Rock". The second one features a Red and Boober doll with a bonus DVD of the episode "Boober's Quiet Day". No set release date was announced, but they are estimated for a summer/fall release.

Again, Mokey (the "fifth-wheel-Fraggle") is left out of this initial release. But if these two sets are sucessfull we will see a third (and maybe even fourth) set next year with Mokey (and possibly Uncle Matt, Sproket, a Doozer, or a Gorg) released with another bonus episode. Only time will tell.

Also the rummor of a Fraggle Box set that was floating around the toy fair has been offcially shot down as false. HIT has no official plans for a DVD box set this spring, or any other time for that matter. So I guess we'll just have to
keep nagging.


Christyb said...

Hmmm...I can't seem to get any responses from Hit. Are you having any luck??

Anonymous said...

They already released a complete series set. XD