Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Get "Emmet Otter" The Proper Way!

A few weeks ago I brought you the news of a future DVD release of “Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas" by HIT Entertainment. After following up to see if any more details on the release (and asking if it would be the edited version or the original broadcast version) I got the following response; “At this time, information on which version will be released or if bonus features will be included has not been decided and is not available at this time.” So there is still time to voice your opinion to HIT. If you are not familiar with the changes made in the Columbia Tri-Star 1998 VHS release and seen again in their 2001 DVD release, check out a listing of the edited parts from Muppet Central's FAQ's.

Together we maybe able to get the DVD released the way we want it. Please consider contacting HIT Entertainment in the next few days and do the 3 following things (contact information is listed below).

1) Express your interest in the Emmet Otter DVD.
2) Tell HIT you would like to see the original 1977 broadcast version of the film; not the re-edited version found on the most recent re-release.
3) Also, express interest in bonus features; such as behind the scenes, “making of” features, and other bonus features. There is a nice collection of footage and material in the Henson archives to create some nice DVD features.

Phone: 1-866-405-7625 (toll-free)
Mail: HIT Entertainment, PO Box 9000, Allen TX, 75013

This Christmas HIT will share Emmet with the world again, but let’s get our voice in now and gat HIT to give a great, and proper DVD treatment to Emmet Otter.


Anonymous said...

I just sent them an e-mail. I too hope we get some bonus features and the special unedited!


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna call them first thing tomorrow. I would love to see some bonus featuers on this disk. And seeing it uncut would also be nice.

Anonymous said...

I just sent them an e-mail with regard to the original 1977 version. My fingers are crossed!


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