Friday, February 18, 2005

What's all this?: Part 2

It's been 18 days since the GelflingWaldo files launched. And since then 18 daily bits have been posted. But today instead of bringing news from the Henson/Muppet world I decided to talk a bit more about what the GelflingWaldo files are.

As you may see, each day a new post is added full of information and fun. If you want to read the past items from the days before, simple scroll down (or if you want to go further back, look at the archives on the right - grouped by week).

In the coming weeks and months there will be new kinds of daily posts comings. I've been working on some new and exciting things to share with you all. Some days may bring a new download, some may have a review of a past productions/products, some may have inside looks, detailed descriptions and other information, and others (as you've seen a lot of already) will hold the latest Muppet news. If you ever have breaking news, an idea, or feedback t feel free to e-mail me (their is a link on the right of the page). I'd love to hear your thoughts; or if you want you can reply to any of the posts (like this one) with your feedback. Also be sure to tell your friends and family about this site and get all of them to stop by and check us out (and have them tell a friend too). The more readers the better! Thanks, and I hope you enjoy what will be coming to the GelflingWaldo files in the next few days, weeks, months, and beyond.

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Anonymous said...

The GelflingWaldo Files are awesome! What I love most about them (aside from the awesome and current news) is that there is something every day! Unlike many site that update their news once a week or even once a month. You have the fresh stuff every day! Keep up the great work!