Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Grover Goes Global

Grover, the fun and furry blue monster from Sesame Street, is taking on a new adventure - traveling around the world. In Global Grover, a new series of independent 5-minute episodes, Grover journeys around the world and serves as host to short live action films featuring children engaged in activities related to their individual cultures. Whether he is in Mexico, where children learn the art of pottery making; Israel, where kids from a kibbutz make a play house together; or Poland, where grandparents teach youngsters how to make scarecrows, Grover is taking part in the action through his attire, dance or humorous direct-to-camera commentary.

Designed to encourage respect and understanding in a kid-friendly way, the segments introduce viewers to new and exciting customs, traditions and daily life abroad. Global Grover takes it one step further, highlighting not only differences but also celebrating what we have in common.

Currently there will be 30 episodes of Global Grover produced, and they will be ready to be delivered to the broadcasters in Fall 2005. I'll keep you posted as more details are released.

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