Wednesday, March 02, 2005

New Site Features & Your Comments

Some new features have been added to the GelflingWaldo Files today - including a new frequently asked question section, and a Henson/Muppet calendar. Both of these items will be updated as time calls for it. Check the navigation side-bar for the links to these sections. Check them out! And I also have some other features for the site in the works. They will be added in the coming weeks as I finish them.

I am doing my best to build a site to please the fans. So now I ask you for your help. You are the ones who read this site, you are the ones who benefit from it; so what do you want to see? Please share any and all comments, feedback, or ideas for what you would want to see (use the comments feature of this post, or e-mail me). I want this site to be what the fans want, so tell me what do you want to see?

1 comment:

Beauregard said...

What I'd like to see is more of the same. You're doing such a great site with the site as it is. I love the simple and clear layout and the bright pictures. Prhaps some more files like maybe some sound-bytes (alougth that may use up too much of your space) would be good. Other than that, just kep up the good work!