Thursday, April 07, 2005

Oz Ads on ABC

Last night ABC aired two exclusive "Muppets' Wizard of Oz" advertisements s during their primetime lineup. Special commercials that aired during ABC's "Lost" and "Alias" delighted not only Muppet fans but also the fans of the hit ABC shows. The new ads used the Muppet character to link the themes of the current ABC show with the upcoming tele-film. ABC and The Muppet Holding Company have not commented on the possibility of these ads airing again, but it seems likely that other upcoming episodes of "Lost" and "Alias" may air with these ads again. There is no word about any the creation of other ads in this campaign and if any promotion will air with during other popular ABC shows (such as "Desperate House Wives", "Extreme Make Over", "Jake in Progress", "8 Simple Rules", "According to Jim", ect.). If any other ads surface I'll keep you posted; and hopefully these ads find their way onto the August DVD release of the movie. Danny over at Tough Pigs has posted transcripts and screen-grabs from the two commercials last night, you can check them out here. Be sure to keep your eye on ABC, because the promotion should continue to build as we get closer to the debut on May 20th.


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