Wednesday, May 11, 2005

100 (and still counting)

The GelflingWaldo Files has reached 100 news posts! That's right, 100 post of Muppet news and events. It was over three months ago that I started this blog to post Muppet news each and every day, and I'm glad that people enjoyed the results. Many of you may wonder what the future of The GelflingWaldo Files will be like, and I have some important news on the subject of some big changes that will be taking place here in the coming days. I hope to have all the details ready later this week. I have some big changes planned for this place, so keep visiting, and enjoying the news here at The GelflingWaldo Files. There will be a lot more news and changes to come in the coming week of the GelflingWaldo Files' centennial-celebration.


Beauregard said...

Greg, your's is still the ultimate site for Muppet news. Your layout is crisp, clear, and clean, and your images are neat. I think this has to be the best Muppet site out there in terms of content, with the main site of Muppet Central (not counting the forum, which is ultiamte in itself!) coming in a close second.

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