Sunday, May 15, 2005

More Muppet Music!

This Tuesday Disney will release their first Muppet CD - "The Best of the Muppets Featuring the Muppets Wizard of Oz". The CD which not only holds the songs from the upcoming tele-film (which is this Friday at 8/7c on ABC), it also holds some of the Muppets greatest hits and best songs. Even though this CD has not even been released yet, Disney hopes to continue releasing more Muppet albums.

An internal newsletter at Disney stated that over the next two years, Walt Disney Records plans to release three additional Muppets albums. Included in these plans is a Muppet holiday CD which is due out in time for the 2005 holiday season. It is unsure at this time if the album will contain new recordings of holiday songs by the Muppets, existing recordings of holiday songs from the Muppets' past Christmas movies and specials, or a combination of the two. More details on the upcoming holiday album will be released as it surfaces.

The content of the other two upcoming albums, which are set for a 2006 release, is unsure. It is unsure if these CD will be themed albums, contain new recordings, be collections of unreleased material, be collections of already available songs/soundtracks, or a combination of them all. I'll keep you posted as information on these two additional albums surface.


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