Sunday, March 20, 2005

Even more on The Muppet Show DVD season sets

On Wednesday I brought you all a little news that helped clear-up the Muppet Show DVD season set confusion. People around the internet rejoiced as, for the first time in four months, there was now more information on the subject. Although the little blurb did not hold much new information, people really responded to having a little more confermation. But after that information hit the internet I continued to dig, continued to search, and continued to collection information on the sets. I was able to get in contact with several "insiders" working on the DVD project. And I asked them all a bunch of questions. I have collected all the information on the DVDs that is available. Sadly the project details are very "hush-hush" right now, because all the facts are still very loose and everything is still being worked on. Disney does not want to misrepresent anything, so until they have all the facts they don't want to say anything that could end up changing. But I've done researching, I got answers, and now I'm sharing everything known with you (and there is a whole lot of new information). For all the full details we'll need to wait for an official announcement (which I'm told should be out in the coming months), but until then this news should tide you over.

Yesterday I told you all about my new staff position at Muppet Central. The article I wrote with all the facts about The Muppet Show DVDs is now up in the Muppet Central news section. Rather than re-posting the whole thing here (‘cause it is lengthy), I'll just share a link to the news article (remember although it is not technically on this blog, it is still written and researched by GelflingWaldo, and contains the same great news reporting you’ve all come to know and love). If you have any comments, questions, or feedback on the article feel free to contact me - but I will warn you that everything publicly known at this time is in the article. Enjoy the news.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful job! I'm so glad to see the work you've been doing for Muppet fans.

But why do you offer a comments section on your blog if you keep deleting them? Everytime I come to the site, there's something missing.

Keep up the good work!