Saturday, March 19, 2005

Me and MC

I wanted to let everybody know about a new part of my Muppet news reporting career. As many of you may already know, I am now working on the Muppet Central team. Muppet Central is on of the biggest and best Muppet sites on the web. I, GelflingWaldo (or should I say my non-alter-ego name, Greg James), have joinied the Muppet Central staff as a news reporter. I will be assisting Muppet Central with expanded news stories to help keep the site as current and informative as possible. So be sure to check out my work over there too - if you like this blog, you'll love my MC work just as much. My work at Muppet Central should not conflict with the operations of the blog; in fact the blog should only get better because of it. Be sure to check Muppet Central regularly to find the latest Muppet news, read great articles and reviews, explore their guides, listen to Muppet Central radio, discuss almost anything in their forums, and much, much more.

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