Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Go Read a Book!

At first today seemed to be a slow news day in Muppetland. I waited until the last second to post today's bit, hoping a big story would break. I don't have news of a new DVD, the next Muppet production, or details on upcoming events. But I do have some great news that will keep you busy -- Tough Pigs' Muppet Book Club has new selection ready to go today. Hop over to Tough Pigs for a picnic pick-me-up! The Popular Muppet Fansite of Tough Pigs, has a new Muppet Book Club selection up. This time it is the 1986 Tale of the Bunny Picnic storybook. The story has everything you need (and want); pickled parsnips, sleeping potions, public de-pantsings, action, adventure, and giant hedgehogs. The whole book is up on the site, words, pictures and everything. Just click here to start reading. After you finishing reading the short book, go join discussion in the Tough Pigs Forum. The "Tough Crowd" will be discussing the book all week, so feel free to take a crack at it, put your two cents in, and enjoy. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a new exclusive "insider scoop" or some juciy breaking news (rather than the fifth fansite-related news blub in less than a week); but for today just relax, sit back, and enjoy a timeless classic made possible by Danny Horn and Tough Pigs.

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