Wednesday, March 30, 2005

What do you want to see?

Calling all comments!!! This Friday will mark two-months of The Gelfling Waldo Files bring you daily bits of news and fun. As you have come to know, this is a place you can find all the greatest and latest Muppet, Fraggle, Sesame, and Henson news on the web. I am doing my best to build a site to please the fans. So now I'm asking you for your help. You are the ones who read this site, you are the ones who benefit from it; so what do you want to see? What do you like? What don't you like? What do you want to see me do? What don't you want to see here? Please share any and all comments, feedback, or ideas for what you would want to see (use the comments feature of this post, or e-mail me). Don't hold back; don't be afraid you'll offend me; don't be afraid to sugest something you may think is "off the wall"; tell me any idea of things you want to see done here; I'm not afraid to shake things ups if you want me to. Please give me details on what you enjoy (and don't enjoy) and what you want (and don't want). I want this site to be what the fans want, so tell me what do you want the GelflingWaldo Files to become?

Note: "Just keep doing what you've been doing" is not a sufficiant answer; let me know what has been good and what was bad; and tell me about anything else you would like to see.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog since early Feb. I think your news reporting is great! I like how it is casual and not overly formal all the time; you talk to us on our level - it has a "one fan to another" feel, and I love that.

I would like to see a more detailed and bigger list of links to other current Muppet-Henson sites and resources on the web. I also love the calendar of upcoming releases and stuff - keep that up.

I think you are doing a great job, just keep reporting (and uncovering) the news. I understand that every day something new might not be released/announced/discovered but you manage to get something and that's great. Continue to keep us all up to date, and entertain us all. Keep up the great work and level of energy.

I hope others have comments and ideas to improve this place even more.

~~ Kyp Rodgers ~~
-- KermieFan82 --

beauregard said...


What I like: I like the scoops, the news, the info, and most of all the cleanness of your site. It's a joy to look at. The images are sparce, but lovely and clean. The backgound is white and nice. Everything sparkles.

What I'd like to see more of: Back at first you used to have more files. I'd like to see some more stuff like pictures, maybe music, maybe not, some scans or transcripts. Just some idea s there.

Over all, though, I love the site.

The Demented Viking said...

I just recently discovered your blog, and I absolutely love it! It is on of the most entertaining and constantly updated sites for a muppet freak, er, fan such as myself!
One think that no site has previously had that I would like to see is clips, shows, or a place to download them. I often see pictures of a recent apperance, but rarely do I actually get to see my favorite little green man in action! I am a poor college student w/o television, so all of my viewing comes from DVD and downloads!
Other than that (and maybe some pictures), your site is wonderfull, and will hopefully continue to be so! I also agree with pretty much everything KermieFan82 said.

Danny said...

Hey Greg:

I think you've got a good thing going. The heart of your blog, obviously, is the news updates, and you're doing great with those. I'm impressed that you're actively going after contacts and ferreting out new info.

The one thing about the site that I would suggest is not to be so determined to have something new every single day. That's cool, and it builds a readership, but it can also burn you out pretty quickly. Take it from someone who knows; I tried doing updates like that at the beginning, and it darn near killed me.

I think your updates should be based on what you have, not on an arbitrary one-post-a-day rule. Some days, you don't have anything new, and some days, you have three new things. If you just let the blog move at its own pace, you won't be stressed about it, and the site will feel natural and good.

Good luck, man! We're all readin'.

-- Danny

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