Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sign on Sesame

Sesame Street will be adding semi-regular segment to the show this season that builds vocabulary of a new language. It's not Spanish (that's already part of the Sesame Street program, and will continue to be), it's not French, nor is it German. Latin? Guess again. Here's a hint, it's not even spoken language. In a new segment, called "The Sign Language Moment of the Day”, children will be exposed to different words of ASL (American Sign Lanuage).

Several actors the Little Theatre of the Deaf (LTD) will be among the cast appearing in new Sesame Street segments that introduce “The Sign Language Moment of the Day”. More than 25 new segments of "The Sign Language Moment of the Day" will appear throughout the upcoming season. The scenes feature the LTD cast with some well-known Muppet friends including Elmo and Big Bird. Together they teach the audience new words in ASL.

Founded in 1967, the National Theatre of the Deaf is the oldest continually producing and touring professional Deaf Theatre Company in the United States. As many Sesame fans may know, this is not the first time the National Theatre of the Deaf has appeared on Sesame Street. Former company member, Linda Bove, first appeared on the show in 1975. The National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD) is excited about working with Sesame Street to educate and entertain children. Sesame Street will start airing its 36th season on April 4th, 2005 (but the first "Sign Language" segment will not air until April 13). Tune in to Sesame Street throughout the season to see the LTD cast teaching signs like “jump, dance, run, and exercise.”


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