Friday, March 25, 2005

More Fraggle DVD Rumblings

The third single-disc DVD release of Fraggle Rock will be coming out in one month and one day (April 26). Many fans are eagerly anticipating the news of what's next for Fraggle Rock on DVD. The idea of season box sets has been popping up a lot in the past year, and recent rumors are starting to point towards season sets becoming a reality. Recently, the Muppeteer behind Red Fraggle, Karen Prell, posted some news on her official website that seems to shed more light on Fraggle Rock DVD season sets. On Wednesday (March 23), Karen's site was updated and shares the following news:

"The first two new US Fraggle Rock DVDs, 'Where it all Began' and 'Dance Your Cares Away' containing 3 episodes each plus extras are now available at all major video outlets. Another 3-episode DVD, 'Live By the Rule of the Rock' is due out April 26, 2005. Due to strong fan response, a full season box set of the first season/26 episodes of Fraggle Rock (with 'making of' documentary extra) is promised in the US in fall 2005! Whoopeee!!!"

"Whoopee!!!" is right. I currently have several inquires out to many people (including Karen Prell, HIT Entertainment, The Jim Henson Co., and several other Fraggle performers) to try and see if I can get you some more details and confirmation of this news. But if Karen is correctly reporting this information, than it seems like the all rumors and rumblings of the past few weeks are coming true. I'll keep you posted as more news develops on this great story - hopefully HIT will comment on the issue sometime in the next month (especially once "Live By The Rule of the Rock" is released). But there seems to be a lot more positive signs pointing to season box sets - now all we need is an official statement or press release, and we'll truly be able to dance our cares away! As always, I'll keep you posted.


Danny said...

I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with... It's possible that when Karen P wrote that DVD's are promised, she's actually getting her information from Tough Pigs and Muppet Central. :) I hope she really knows something, though!

Ryan said...

Just wanted to drop in and say that I'm loving the blog. Totally kick-ass. Keep up the good insider work. I hear you're writing for MC? Just a tip: Don't let the man getcha down ;)

Keep it up, I'm loving it. I'm adding my Muppet/Puppet blog for some free promotion ;)