Sunday, April 24, 2005

Another Fraggle Rock Single-Disc DVD on Tuesday

"Live By The Rule of the Rock", the third Fraggle Rock DVD, will be released by HIT Entertainment this Tuesday (April 26, 2005). The DVD will feature four episodes of the Fraggle Rock (three standard play, and an unlockable one). The DVD will also feature a collection of bonus features. The entire DVD run-time is set 170-minutes (including bonus features), and will sell for around $14.99 (or less). There will also be a VHS version of "Live by the Rule of the Rock"; it will include only the first two episodes off the DVD version, and it will have none of the bonus features (its runtime is set at 50 minutes). The full details of the episodes and the bonus features for the DVD are listed below.

HIT has announced the fourth single-disc Fraggle DVD, called "Doin' Things That Doozers Do", will be released on September 6, 2005. HIT is also planning to release "Fraggle Rock - Season 1 Box Set" on DVD this fall as well; no exact date has been announced yet. Details on both of these products has not been released. So pick up this new discon Tuesday, it will hold you over until the fall when season 1 is released (and will also hold until the other seasons are released; whenever that will be).

"Live By The Rule of the Rock"

  • Catch a Tail by the Tiger (from season 1)
    Gobo has not received his usual postcard from his Uncle Traveling Matt. He eventually comes to realize that he must venture out into outer space to look from him – a trip that would terrify a Fraggle.
  • Believe It or Not (from season 3)
    Red and Wembley discover a creature who is whatever you believe he is. The trouble starts when Ma Gorg believes him into being a monster in the basement of the castle.
  • All Work and All Play (from season 2)
    Cotterpin Doozer decides she’d rather be a Fraggle, like Red, than spend the rest of her life building with the Doozers.

"Live By The Rule of the Rock" Bonus Features

  • Behind the Scenes: Traveling Matt
    An except for the behind the scenes documentary "Down at Fraggle Rock", despite the packaging saying it is about Traveling Matt, it focuses on the Gorgs.
  • Fraggle-oke!
    Follow the bouncing radish while singing your favorite Fraggle songs.
  • Fraggle Rock trivia that unlocks a bonus episode
    Answer 10 trivia questions to unlock the episode "'The Great Radish Caper" (season 3). In the episode, Junior Gorg's only friend is a huge radish named Geraldine, a fact which he discovers thanks to Mokey.
  • Animated Episode: "Mokey’s Flood of Creativity" & "What the Doozer’s Did"
    The DVD also features a full episode from the Fraggle Rock cartoon show from 1987.
  • Pingu Episode: "Pingu and Pinga Go Fishing"
    The DVD also features an episode from the HIT owned property "Pingu", a show about a claymated pinguin; this is not Fraggle related.

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