Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sesame Reminders

Today I will keep the news post short, sweet and to the point:

Remember that Sesame Street season 36 starts tomorrow on PBS KIDS (check local listings for details). Be sure to tune in, enjoy, and possibly learn something.

Also remember that Grover will be a guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" tomorrow night. Be sure to tune into "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on ABC at 12:05am tomorrow night (check local listings for details).

And lastly, I added 11 upcoming Sesame Street DVD titles to the Henson/Muppet Calendar earlier this week, but I never formally mentioned them in a news post. So check the titles out. Many of the titles are already up fro pre-order on major e-retailers (such as These look like some great discs; from single disc re-releases of old Sesame VHS productions; to 3-disc DVD sets; to a collection of the 5-part "hurricane on Sesame Street" episodes; to even more Elmo's World DVDs. Enjoy!


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