Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Snooping at the Academy Reveals Jim Henson Honor

Comics/animation writer Mark Evanier's blog reported that while attending an event at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences honoring the animation legends Joe Barbera and the late William Hanna with a wall-sculpture, he discovered the following:

"One section of wall nearby was covered with a drape which some of us peeked under. Beneath was a very handsome likeness of Jim Henson, surrounded by Kermit, Gonzo, Rowlf, and other Muppets. It was in the same style as the one of Hanna and Barbera, perhaps even by the same sculptor, Richard Ellis. No unveiling date has been announced. In fact, we weren't even supposed to know it was there."

Although Mark has other photos from the event, he didn't risk taking one of the Henson sculpture, for obvious professional, moral, and legal reasons. To read the complete story and see the Hanna-Barbera wall-sculpture (to see the style the Henson one will be in), click here.

The Academy has yet to comment or announce anything regarding Henson's honor. But when the Academy is ready to announce this, you're sure to find a press release at Emmys.tv, plus I'll be here to report the news and all the information as soon as it breaks. Many speculate that given the Academy's current timeframe and schedule, it's likely they could announce somewhere around the time of Jim Henson's birthday in September. I'll keep you all posted as soon as I hear anything.

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