Monday, April 18, 2005

Tough Stuff

The great Muppet fan site known as Tough Pigs has posted some more Muppet goodies this week. First off, be sure to check out the transcript and screen-grabs from the new Oz commercial that aird yesterday during Desprate Housewives. Danny Horn, the webmaster, just put them up there and they are great; click here to view it. I know most of you have been waiting to see the ugliest Muppet toys, so you'll be happy to hear that the winner of the Ugly Toy Pageant has been announceld! Be sure to find out who the "winners" are, and be sure to read the colorful comments made by the voters. Just click here to view the toy-riffic horror. Plus there's a bunch of Oz updates -- more photos, a new Oz Merchandise page, ads and commercials, and all kinds of great stuff. Be sure to check out the Muppets' Oz section by clicking here. So take some time to surf over to Tough Pigs and check out all the great stuff they have to share. You won't regret it, heck you may even learn something new.

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