Sunday, May 01, 2005

MC Radio Wins!

From the silly to the sacred, Muppet music has impacted generations young and old. Muppet Central Radio, a service of fansite Muppet Central, broadcasts so that people around the world can listen to Muppet music 24 hours a day. The radio service is provided by Live365, an online radio service provider.

This evening Muppet Central Radio won a "Best of Live365" award in the "Guilty Pleasure" category. All of the nominees were fantastic and all of them deserved this honor. Phillip Chapman, webmaster of Muppet Central, wants to thanks everyone who voted and took some time to listen. This awards never would have happened without the faithful Muppet fans who take time to listen.

Phillip Chapman expressed his feelings on the win in the Muppet Central forum by saying, " I am really blown away that we won. It's great to see that lots of people enjoy Muppet music. One of the things the Muppets do best is music and I'm grateful that we can share it with everyone through Muppet Central Radio."

So take some time out of your day to listen to the award-winning Muppet Central Radio. I would like to say congratulations to Muppet Central, and happy listening to all the Muppet-music lovers.

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