Monday, May 02, 2005

Sesame "Box Set" Details

A few weeks ago I updated The GelflingWaldo Files' Henson/Muppet release calendar with some upcoming Sesame Street DVD titles. Since then I have gotten many questions about three items in particular – the 3-disc box sets.

First of all these are not season box sets; these are not new nostalgic collections; these are not sets of complete episode. These are collections of Sesame Street home video releases (past and upcoming). Sesame Workshop is know for releasing get videos (and now DVDs) of Sesame Street. They usually features a combination some new footage with a bunch of existing show skits/songs/clips all somewhat related to one central story/theme. Sesame workshop is now releasing “box sets” of these releases. The sets are literally a box with three of the existing (or upcoming) DVD. Aside from a cardboard box to keep the three disc cases in, what would cause anyone buy these? Well they are cheaper than buying all three discs independently, and it is a lot easier to track down and buy one item than three. So what are in these sets? I have the answers.

The first set “Sesame Street: Dance and Move” contains the following three discs: “Dance Along”, “Zoe’s Dance Move”, and “Elmocize”. The set will be released on May 10, 2005. All of these discs were released over the past few years independently.

The next set, “Sing Along with Sesame Street”, is due out on June 14, 2005 and contains the following three discs: “Kid’s Favorite Songs”, “Let’s Make Music”, and “Sing Yourself Silly at the Movies”. The first two discs have been released before, and the last title is due for independent release for the first time on the same date as the box set.

The third set, “Sesame Street: Stories, Games, and Songs”, is also due out on June 14, 2005 and will hold the following discs: “Play-Along Games & Songs”, “Big Bird’s Story Time”, and “Sleepytime Songs & Stories” The last two titles are due for independent releases on the same date as the box set; yet the first title is not available on DVD outside the set (yet).

Now you may be saying why would I buy theses? If you don’t own these Sesame Street DVDs pick up these sets; it will be easier than finding all three discs, it will save you money rather than buying them all separate, plus you get a cool cardboard box to keep the discs in. These are great ways to build up your Sesame DVD collection. All these discs are full of great moments, skits, songs, and stories. If you don't have any of the DVDs in the Sesame line, I suggest you check some of these out (and at $20 for three full DVDs, that a pretty good deal).

If you are new to the world of Sesame Street DVD collecting and would like to bulk up you collection with all the greatest Sesame moments in one fowl swoop check out this exclusive – a huge 48 disc Sesame Street DVD collection. You may think $400+ is excessive for a bunch of DVDs, but being that you would spend well over $620 if you bought them independently, it is a huge time and money saver. A full list of the 48 discs can be found at

As more news on any new DVD collections and/or sets is released I’ll be here to share it with you all. Hope this answers all your questions on the "box sets".


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