Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Animal Jam Details

As I reported earlier, HIT Entertainment will release Jim Henson's Animal Jam on VHS and DVD on May 24, 2005. The details of these release have surfaced, both titles will feature two episodes from the show and the VHS and DVD versions will have the same exact features (there are no bonus features or extra episodes on the DVD version).

The first title, "Jim Henson's Animal Jam: Hug a Day” will feature two episodes from the show. The first episode is “A Hug A Day”, in the episode Waffle’s quest for the perfect “super hug” to give his mother pushes Edi away. And the second episode is “Not So Lost In Space”, in the episode Edi needs more personal space to move and groove, but Waffle has problems letting her move to her own beat. The run time for the DVD and VHS are approximately 50 minutes.

The second title, "Jim Henson's Animal Jam: Springin’” will also feature two episodes from the show: the first episode is “The Right Size For You”, in the episode Edi wishes she was bigger (like Bozark) and could get more attention, but soon she learns that she’s just the right size the way she is. The second episode is “Everything’s Springin’ Up!”, in the episode springtime comes to the Jam Room are the plants are blooming beautifully – except Edi’s. Waffle tries to help Edi’s plant to grow, but the group soon learns that all things grow at their own pace. The run time for the DVD and VHS are approximately 50 minutes.

The DVD’s and VHS’s are already up for pre-order on many online stores, with a retail price of $9.99 (or less) for the DVD, and $6.99 (or less) for the VHS. HIT has not announced any plans for future Animal Jam DVD/VHS releases, but it is possible that they may consider producing more 2-episode discs and tapes in the future if these sell well.

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